Battleship Desk Reference (BDR) - Its Indexing

The BDR is a large compilation of hand stamped and printed cancels on the 1898 proprietary revenue stamps indexed alphabetically by the cancels. While most cancels are acronyms of the user, when a cancel consists of names or other information, such names are simply converted to acronyms to use as an index for the cancel. For example, the cancel "A. C. M. & CO." would have an index ACM&Co where any form of "CO", "Co", or "Company" is simply represented by "Co" for simplicity in the database. For example, the cancel "THE COCA COLA CO." would be indexed as TCCCo since "The" is part of the cancel.

Table Contents

The tables were developed in conjunction with digitizing the contents of the Pharmaceutical ERA trade directories from the years 1898, 1899, and 1902, volumes 6, 7, and 9, respectively. Every row in the table has a unique "record" number assigned to it that is in the "#" column after the Index. In instances where there are many rows sharing the same index, a specific row can be referenced by including the record number with the index (e.g., ACM&Co-195).

Following the name, city, and state columns, the Pg and S columns refer to page and volume (source) references to the Pharmaceutical ERA trade directories. Other reference sources are the Chappell/Joyce listings of printed cancellations on proprietary battleships (source "1"), and wine companies sourced to this era (source "0").

The Business/product column contains a letter designation: M (Manufacturing), W (Wholesale), R (Retail), A (Agent), I (Importer) or a combination of these followed by the business line or names of principle products.

In the next column, a shorthand was developed to describe the large range of cancel types. A guide to this shorthand is here: BDR Cancel Shorthand.

Following the cancel description column are columns for the twelve denominations of proprietary battleships. These columns are in the color of the stamp denomination and bear an H, P, or X for hand stamped, printed, or perfin cancels observed on the different denominations.

Clicking on the "Image" button on a page of the table toggles on a pair of final columns, one with images of canceled stamps, and a final column in which all of the images are links to files with additional information on the companies and their products.

Table Navigation

The entire table is alphabetized by index, and a graphic illustration of the navigation can be viewed here: BDR Navigation.