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A19A. O. AustinProvidenceRI M - Lactoluvin, Salydite, Lacto-quinineAUSTIN./yr.,viol H
A20A. O. AustinProvidenceRIM - Lactoluvin, Salydite, Lacto-quinine[lg,s]:AUSTIN/PROV. R.I.,blkH
A18A. O. AustinProvidenceRIM - Lactoluvin, Salydite, Lacto-quinine[s]:AUSTIN/yr,violH
A14Alber, JacobWabashINM - Brewer[o]Alber,viol,[m yy]H
A17Applegate variousRApplegate/[5 wvy ln][bx]mdy[5 wvy ln]/Druggist,violHH
A15775Ash, Henry L.M - Menthol Pencil (see MP-12937)(MENTHOL PENCIL/ASH,blkH
A15776Ash, Henry L.M - Menthol Pencil(MENTHOL PENCIL/ASH,blk,[m date]H
A14830Avery[s]:AVERY,/..OE AVENUE/States R?ff,viol,[m date]H
A16Elliott Pharmaceutical CoSt. LouisMOM - Aphrotone (see EPCo-12434)APHROTONE,/date/ELLIOT.,blk,viol H
A&A11148[s]:A.&A./mo dd/yr,violH
A&ADCo21A. & A. Drug Co.HutchinsonKS757R[s]A.&A.DRUG CO.,blkH
A&ADS11156Acker & AffleckWashingtonDC277RACKER & AFFLECK/[s]DRUG STORE/[i]1429 Penna. Ave./WASHINGTON,violH
A&C14751Los AngelesCA[s]A.&C./date/LOS ANGELES,violH
A&Co23[s]A.&Co./mo dd/[s]yr.,violHH
A&Co25?Ashbrook & Co?Chicago?IL[o]A&Co/yr,violH
A&Co26Adams & CoBrooklynNYM - Clayton & Russell's Bitters, Adam's Vegetable Compound Pills, Headache Powders
A&Co11368Adams & CoSaugertiesNY2637M - Adams' Vegetable Compound Pills
A&Co27Agnew & CoSan FranciscCA1966MA - Drugs and sundries
A&Co28Albrecht & CoTerre HauteINR - Dry GoodsAlbrecht & Co./date,blkH
A&Co29Alexander & CoGreensburgIN2289M - Drugs, physicians' supplies
A&Co11152Allen & CoMillerstownPAdbl:[sm,s]:ALLEN & CO., Millerstown, Pa.,viol;[s]mm yy,blkH
A&Co11153Ame & CoBostonMAM - Standard Food for horses and cattle[s]AME & CO./date/BOSTON,blkH
A&Co30Angle & CoRocky MountVA2717R - Department Store
A&Co31Archer & CoPortlandOH2519A
A&Co32Armour & CoChicago, New YorkIL, NY2417, 9M - Armour's Extract of Beef[b]([r](ARMOUR & COMPANY CHICAGO.[b]([r](/mdy,blue,violHH
A&Co34Armour & Co.Chicago, New YorkIL, NY2417, 9M - Armour's Extract of BeefARMOUR & CO./date/CHICAGO,violHHH
A&F11150[lg,s]:A.&F./dd MRZ-yr,violH
A&GJC36A. & G. J. CaldwellNewburyportMA2106M - New England Rum
A&HL39Allen & Hanburys, Ltd.New York, Niagara FallsNY2557M - 'Allenburys' Foods, Byno-Hypophosphites, Bynol, "Perfected" Cod Liver Oil, Throat PastillesA.&H.Ltd.,/date/New York,violHH
A&HL38Allen & Hanburys, Ltd.New York, Niagara FallsNY2557M - 'Allenburys' Foods, Byno-Hypophosphites, Bynol, "Perfected" Cod Liver Oil, Throat PastillesA.&H.L[sm]TD./NEW YORK,violHH
A&K40Albrecht & KoellnerBostonMAA - BeersAlbrecht & Koellner/date/BOSTON,violH
A&L41Archibald & LewisNew YorkNY2557MI - Dalmation Black Diamond Brand Pure Insect PowderArchibald & Lewis,/date/NEW YORK,violH